Arcanist Sage Subtype

Arcanists are experts on ancient knowledge and history. They are a type of Sage who borders into the topics usually left to Artificers. However, unlike a typical Sage they are dedicated spellcasters which focus on using wands and staves as spellcasting focuses, rather than relying much on melee and ranged weapons.


Spell Training: None.
Equipment Training: If you don’t already have History and Arcana as proficient skills you gain them, if you do have those already chose another skill instead.

Name Level Uses Time to Use Range Duration Description
Focused Spellcaster 2 Self Permanent You can avoid needing the semantic and material components to spells if you are wielding a spell focus like a wand or staff.
Magical Expertise 6 Self Permanent You gain Expertise (double Proficiency Bonus) in History and Arcana.
Expanded Cantrips 10 Self Permanent You get two more Cantrips you know.
Studious Capacity 14 Self Permanent You gain 1 additional Spell Slot of each level you currently have Spell Slots of.
Arcane Adaptation 18 By Bardic Knowledge Bonus Action Self Instant You can use your Sage Knowledge on yourself when casting spells to either increase your attack roll, Save DC, or damage roll.

Arcanist Sage Subtype

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