Charmer Sage Subtype

Charmer Sages know how to manipulate people. They are not as capable in combat, but if you need to charm the pants off of your enemy they are the best choice. Many Charmer Sages go into politics after leaving their adventuring careers behind.


Spell Training: None.
Equipment Training: None

Name Level Uses Time to Use Range Duration Description
Charismatic Bard 2 Self Permanent You can cast spells using Charisma as your Spell stat, rather than intelligence.
Silver Tongue 2 Self Instant You are a Master at saying the right thing at the right time. When you make a Charisma (Persuasion) or Charisma (Deception) check, if you roll less than a 10 you can treat it as a 10.
Unsettling Words 6 By Bardic Knowledge Dice Bonus Action 60 ft. 1 Saving Throw You can expend one use of your Sage Knowledge die and choose one creature you can see within 60 feet of you. Roll the Sage Knowledge die. The creature must subtract the number rolled from the next saving throw it makes.
Unfailing Inspiration 10 Proficiency Bonus Self Instant When a you give a creature a Sage Knowledge die, the creature can keep the Sage Knowledge die to use again on their turn.
Universal Speech 14 Once per Rest 1 Action 60 ft. Up to 1 Hour Choose a number equal to your Charisma modifier (minimum of one) of creatures within 60 feet of you. The chosen creatures can magically understand you, regardless of the language you speak, for 1 hour.
Infectious Inspiration 18 Charisma Bonus Uses Reaction 60 ft. Instant When you grant a creature within 60 feet of you a Sage Knowledge die you can grant the same thing to someone else within 60 feet of you. This doesn’t use more Bardic Knowledge dice.

Charmer Sage Subtype

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