Dragon Brawler Subtype

Dragon Brawlers were once the elite guard of the Dragon Kings, offered some of the secrets to their power in order to act as their guards and defenders. With the fall of the Dragon Empire their numbers dwindled, but they have never faded away completely. Even now they retain some of the power of their former patrons which makes them fearsome fighters. Andrussa were the preferred race for the Dragon Kings to use as their guards and they still are the most common race to chose the path of the Dragon Brawler, though any race is capable.


Spell Training: None
Equipment Training: Unlike most Monks you are trained to use light and medium armor, you also learn Draconic or one other ancient language of your choice.

Name Level Uses Time to Use Range Duration Description
Dragon Scales 6 Self Permanent You gain your Proficiency Bonus to your AR when wearing armor.
Wings Unfurled 10 Self Permanent Your Step of the Wind now gives you Flight at your normal movement speed for the round in which it is used.
Level Abilities Learned Ability Lists
2 +2 Dragon Techniques or Ki Abilities
6 +1 Dragon Techniques or Ki Abilities
10 +1 Dragon Techniques or Ki Abilities
14 +2 Dragon Techniques or Ki Abilities
18 +2 Dragon Techniques or Ki Abilities

Dragon Brawler Subtype

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