Factions of Celestia

The Dragon Cult

The Dragon Cult is a legacy of ancient Na. The people in the cult see Dragons as the natural rulers of the world and seek to undermine the existing nations as well as to cultivate the few True Dragons that chose to live in Celestia rather than domains in the Astral. Tiamat holds a strong interest for the group, but direct worship of her is considered dangerous as her open worship is illegal in most of the world.

The Chant of Light

While the Chant of Light is the official religion of Numanas, it sends out Missions all over Celestia which seek to spread it and it’s ideals everywhere. While seeming to be a bunch that makes a lot of being good to ones neighbors and protecting those weaker than yourself… Many of the worshippers are humancentric and grossly bigoted, especially to the magically inclined races like the Elves and Nornans. They also actively target magical creatures, even sentient ones such as Dragons, this puts them at odds with the Dragon Cult.

Witch Hunters

The Witch Hunters are a group dedicated to fighting magical made monsters, demons, and ‘evil’ spellcasters. They are the primary force that hunts Cultists and Blood Mages. However, it’s all to easy for them to start seeing all spellcasters as threats and while officially those who do are ‘renegades’ many can operate within the group for quite some time before those tendencies get them forced out.

Arcane Brotherhood

This is a group of Sorcerers and Wizards who believe that they should control the world rather than ‘mundanes’. They really don’t care about the means of control, quite happy to enslave the minds of people to get their will done. They also commonly use dark and forbidden magics.

The Network

The Network is considered a criminal syndicate that stretches to almost every port in the world and every city. They care for little more than making money in most cases. This leads them into selling things like magical drugs, including ones like Shimmer that eventually kills users of it. The most important figures among the Network are a subgroup known as the ‘Black Rings’. While outsiders know little about them, they are often easily recognizable by the black rings they wear.

The Cults of Corruption

The Cults of Corruption are not a single unified group, but the collective cults that worship the ‘Dark Deities’ of the Pantheon of Corruption. Worshippers can only practice openly in Moraelin, but exist elsewhere. Cult cells can be found almost everywhere, but keep themselves secret as the Cataclysm is directly related to the Pantheon of Corruption and most nations won’t openly allow their influence any more. Even so their influence does stretch far and wide, with even certain nobles supposedly in their circles. The problem with all of them is that they are as likely to fight each other as followers of any other deity or even just the law.

The Ruby Swarm

The Ruby Swarm is much like the Cults of Corruption, and in fact the two often work together in some ways. However, the Ruby Swarm is the name given to the hordes goblins, orcs, trolls, and other sentiment monsters that they themselves do not use. They usually operate in a tribal arrangement and only group together under powerful war leaders like those that exist in Moraelin. These grand war leaders and some worship of the Pantheon of corruption deities are why the Cults of Corruption are often seen as allies. That said enough basically empty space exists between cities and towns that tribal units can be found all over.

Factions of Celestia

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