History of Celestia

Age of the Ashuri

The first intelligent beings to exist in our world were the Fey, creatures of chaos & fickle will. By their whims the world was reshaped in chaos. In this chaos many powerful creatures would be born including dragons. Usually these were left alone by the Fey who cared little for most other creatures.

To this chaos were born new creatures: The Ashuri. The Ashuri were born to be masters, literally. Formed of divine essence they were born into the material world and left to their own devices the would need to overcome their environment or perish. Those who survived would be powerful and have a vast range of abilities that would let them control and dominate. Encounters between Ashuri and Fey would grow with the Ashuri finding ways to overcome the Fey. Eventually the Fey would be pushed back into the Astral and out of our material world entirely in their battles with the Ashuri. In the process they would create the Elves from the lesser Fey, binding them to a material form.

With no more Fey to oppose their rule they would also subjugate all the creatures up to the mightiest of Dragons. The strongest Ashuri being the Dragonriders. Their rule would go on for ages with all other creatures bowing to their will. Some would even create their own races of slaves and worshippers in testing their powers. Their avarice held no bounds and they even found new worlds beyond our own to raid and plunder.

The War of the Gods

Into the world new entities appeared: The Gods. Beings of pure divine essence with no material form unless they willed one into existence. They would find their way into the Astral for the most part to develop away from the Ashuri. However, The Gods were tied to the material world and the Ashuri could not simply let anything leave their control. These crossing interests let the two into conflict. A conflict so epic the world would be reshaped during their conflict. Portals to other worlds would open and new creatures and beings would enter or be ejected from our reality. Oceans would boil, Volcanoes would freeze, Ground was sundered, and Air was turned solid. Time itself was bent and broken during the conflict and so no one can even say how long this battle lasted. All we now know is that it is over.

The Age of Wonders

The races now on Celestia would build their kingdoms and develop their own abilities, making their homes either together or separately in the new world they found themselves in. Over time these kingdoms would form powerful nations and alliances scratching over the entire world, each with it’s own specialties. They built wonders the modern world cannot rival, only make use of.

The Cataclysm

The ‘Cataclysm’ is a war that happened hundreds of years ago. All the Nations of the world ended up in conflict with each other. They unleashed power not seen since the War of the Gods! The world was reshaped and devastated by their hands. The cities shattered and lay in ruins when it was all over and the peoples which lived in them were scattered.


Our era is one of recovery as nations form once more in the ruins of the old. No modern nation can come close to matching the power of the nations of old and all seek to relearn what those nations knew. However, it seems that not all the rules we live by existed for them. Certain magics for instance that worked for them no longer work at all. No one knows how or why such things have changed and if the Gods know they give no answers on it.

History of Celestia

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