How to Multiclass in Celestia

General Multiclassing

Multiclassing in Celestia is rare. That said, the class types do have some fluidity. Usually this is between classes of the same type: Fighters (Barbarian, Fighter, Ranger, Rogue) , Hybrids (Paladin, Bard, Monk, Artificer), or Magic Users (Mystics, Sorcerers, Wizards). In particular Fighter/Rogue combinations and Ranger/Rogue combinations are common.

Mixes between types are uncommon, but in some regions or among certain races they are much more common. In Tianchao, for instance, retired fighters often seek the path of the Monk. In much the same way it’s not uncommon to see Elves of Aelebera who are Rangers and Bards or Paladins. While many Nornan in general are Fighters or Barbarians and become Artificers.

Magic Classes and Multiclassing

Magic Users have a certain stratification due to Sorcerer and Wizard requiring someone to be born with the ability to see magic and Mystics need to at least be able to sense it. However, in more rural areas it’s not completely uncommon for someone to be trained as a Mystic who has the required talent to be a Sorcerer or Wizard. When they get access later many decide to expand their abilities by getting training as a Wizard or Sorcerer. It is far less common for someone to have the ability to see or sense magic and just not learn to use it. People who can potential work magic and do not learn are considered incredibly dangerous.

The exception is Elves, who sometimes chose to focus on a physical class, such as Ranger, and then later focus on magic. This is often due to their innate magic as well as a love of the wilds.

The Hard Rules

  • You can Multiclass up to 2 classes.
  • You can multiclass with other classes of your type without any real issues (as described above).
  • Fighter Type and Hybrid Type Classes can multiclass, though they should start as a Fighter Type and add the Hybrid Type later.
  • You must take a Feat at level 1 that gives you True Spellcasting to Multiclass into a Magic User Type Class, unless you are an Elf.
  • Elves can take a Racial Feat at level 4 which gives them True Spellcasting and lets them take Magic User Types.
  • Spellcasting granted by two classes is merged together, with one exception (see below). ie a Bard/Paladin progresses in spells as if they were their base class even if they take levels in a new one.
  • Mystics who Multiclass into Sorcerers or Wizards combine Spell Books, but have to pick which spells they treat as Mystic spells as the slots are treated differently than their other spellcasting slots.

How to Multiclass in Celestia

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