Kensai Brawler Subtype

Kensai Brawlers are a strange breed. While most monks seek to perfect themselves, some monks find that certain weapons speak to them and with little or no formal training they can use them as if they were an extension of themselves.


Spell Training: None
Equipment Training: You gain proficiency your chosen Kensei weapons if you don’t already have it.

Name Level Uses Time to Use Range Duration Description
Kensei Weapons 2 Self Choose two types of Weapons to be your kensei weapons. Your chosen Kensei weapons are considered monk Weapons for you. You can chose to change your Kensei weapons every time you get a subclass level.
Agile Parry 2 Self If you make an Attack action on Your Turn and are holding a kensei weapon, you can use it to defend yourself from attacks. You gain a +2 bonus to AC until the start of your next turn while the weapon is in your hand and you aren’t Incapacitated.
One With the Blade 6 Self Permanent Your attacks with your kensei Weapons count as magical for the Purpose of overcoming Resistance and immunity to nonmagical attacks and damage.
Zen Archery 10 Self Permanent You can use a arrow from a bow, a bolt from a crossbow, or a thrown weapon with all ki abilities, including flurry of blows and stunning strike.
Unerring Accuracy 18 Once per Turn Self Instant If you miss with an Attack roll using a monk weapon on Your Turn, you can reroll it. You can use this feature only once on each of your turns.
Level Abilities Learned Ability Lists
6 +1 Kensai Techniques or Ki Abilities
10 +1 Kensai Techniques or Ki Abilities
14 +2 Kensai Techniques or Ki Abilities
18 +1 Kensai Techniques or Ki Abilities

Kensai Brawler Subtype

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