Lorekeeper Brawler Subtype

Lorekeeper Brawlers combine aspects of Sages and Artificers in that they have a great desire for learning ancient knowledge. They also see it as their task to keep such knowledge safe.


Spell Training: None
Equipment Training: You get 2 additional languages of your choice that you know.

Name Level Uses Time to Use Range Duration Description
That Thing I’ve Heard Of 2 Uses Time to Use Range Duration You know little of bits and pieces of knowledge that let you treat any skill or Tool use you are not proficient in as Proficient, but the roll will have disadvantage.
Sense Thoughts 6 1 Ki per Use 1 Action 60 ft. Instant You can use Ki to read a creatures surface thoughts, and if desired try to push deeper. The target creature must be sentient and within 60 feet of you. The target can also make a saving throw to resist your attempts. If they succeed you cannot use this ability on them again until the next long rest you have ends, but you can read surface thoughts at this moment. If they fail you can read more detailed thoughts from it for up to a minute. During this time you can use an action to cast the equivalent of the Suggestion spell which the target cannot resist.
Lorekeeper Secrets 10 Self Permanent When you make a skill or ability check, you can expend one Ki point to roll a Martial Arts die and add the number rolled to your check.
Visions of the Past 14 1 Minute 50 ft. You can sense the past of an object or immediate area around you. This requires mediating on the target for 1 minute. Afterwards, if the target is an object, you learn how the owner acquired or lost the object, as well as being able to see the most recent significant event involving the target object and it’s owner. If their are multiple owners within a Wisdom Bonus number of days, you can keep meditating to see each of these. If the target is an area, you see the most recent event within 50 feet going back as many days as your Wisdom Bonus. If their have been multiple recent events you can spend a minute per event to view each of them.
Secret Keeper 18 Self Permanent Your thoughts cannot be read by Telepathy or other means unless you allow it. You can present false thoughts by succeeding on a Wisdom Saving Throw contested by the mind reader’s Wisdom (Insight) check. Also you cannot be compelled to reveal information you do not wish to even through magical means.

Lorekeeper Brawler Subtype

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