Trickster Sage Subtype

Trickster Sages use their knowledge for fun and entertainment… For them. Few others find their tricks quite so funny. They prefer the shadows and get along with those in the seedier underbelly of society.


Spell Training: If you do not already have it you gain the Mage Hand cantrip.
Equipment Training: You are proficient in Thieves’ Tools and gain Proficiency in Sleight of Hand.

Name Level Uses Time to Use Range Duration Description
Mage Hand Legerdemain 2 By Spell Slots Self Instant When you cast Mage Hand you can make the spectral hand Invisible and you can perform the following additional tasks with it: You can stow one object the hand is holding in a container worn or carried by another creature. You can retrieve an object in a container worn or carried by another creature. You can use thieves’ tools to pick locks and Disarm traps at range. You can perform one of these tasks without Being Noticed by a creature if you succeed on a Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) check contested by the creature’s Wisdom (Perception) check. You can use the hand as your hand for touch contact spells. You can use a Bonus Action to control the hand.
Sneak Attack 2 Once per Turn 1 Attack Self Instant Once per turn you can deal extra damage to one creature you hit with an Attack if you have advantage on the Attack Roll. The Attack must be with a Finesse or Ranged Weapon, or a spell.
Magical Ambush 6 Self Instant If you are hidden from a creature when you Cast a Spell on it, the creature has disadvantage on any saving throw it makes against the spell this turn.
Shadow Walk 10 Proficiency Bonus Uses Bonus Action Self Up to 1 Hour You can become Invisible as the spell.
Versatile⁠ Trickster 14 Bonus Action Mage Hand Range 1 Turn On Your Turn you can designate a creature within 5 feet of the spectral hand created by the Mage Hand spell, giving you advantage on Attack rolls against that creature until the end of the turn.
Spell Thief 18 Once per Rest Reaction Self Up to 8 Hours When targeted by a single target spell of level 5 or lower, you can chose to steal the spell. The spell doesn’t hit you and you can then cast it anytime in the next 8 hours, or until you use the ability again, using your own Spell Slots.

Sneak Attack Scaling

Level Sneak Attack
2 1d6
3 1d6
4 1d6
5 1d6
6 2d6
7 2d6
8 2d6
9 2d6
10 3d6
11 3d6
12 3d6
13 3d6
14 4d6
15 4d6
16 4d6
17 4d6
18 5d6
19 5d6
20 5d6

Trickster Sage Subtype

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