War Brawler Subtype

War Brawlers focus less on the spiritual and instead move more into the physical rivaling Fighters on the battlefield. They care more about Martial Prowess and the ‘Hard’ side of Martial Arts then most Brawlers.


Spell Training: None
Equipment Training: You can chose two martial weapons and gain proficiency in them.

Name Level Uses Time to Use Range Duration Description
Light Walk 6 Uses Time to Use Range Duration Your step exerts almost no force on the ground and as such you won’t set off floor traps and if in stealth those trying to detect you will have disadvantage if using their hearing.
Flow of Battle 10 Uses Time to Use Range Duration When you roll Initiative and have no Ki Points remaining, you regain a Martial Arts Die of Ki Points.
Atlas 18 Uses Time to Use Range Duration You count as one size larger when performing grapples or saving against a grapple. You also add your Proficiency bonus to all damage you deal from attacks.
Level Abilities Learned Ability Lists
2 +2 Ki Abilities
6 +1 Ki Abilities
10 +1 Ki Abilities
14 +2 Ki Abilities
18 +1 Ki Abilities

War Brawler Subtype

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